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Saturday, June 23, 2007

22 jUnE 2007

tHis is the first time that my mummy and my grandpa let my boyfriend stay at his house.. haha.. they won't object me having boyfriend le... because i got you to dote on me.. be there for me when i need you.. tonight cooking fried rice for dinner.. hmmm.. this is the first time that i cooking fried rice.. my manager today last day le.. sad.. because she teach me a lot of thing n dote on me.. when you n my mummy say that the fried rice is yummy.. i was very happy.. coz i scared it will either be too salty or tasteless.. but luckily the taste just good.. you fall asleep while we were watching tv.. so weird coz in front of my grandpa u cannot hug me onli can hold my hand.. thanks for helping me to mop my grandpa house..

23 june 2007

Last night saw the name at your memory card.. then didn really sleep.. i wake up at 10 am.. then i go play with baby.. when you wake up i ask u.. then you say is used to be a gal that you like.. then i straight away walked off to the living room.. do my things.. controlling my tears.. awhile more i tell my mummy i going jogging.. then you faster brush your teeth and wash your face n follow me.. i keep on pushing you away.. but awile more we are back to normal.. we went to find my grandpa n accompany him eat dinner.. we eat western food for dinner.. at night coz of the thing i cry again.. then i say if you do something sweet i will forgive you.. you use candle to form i love you at the basketball court.. when i saw it, i faster run down n hug you.. we went to eat supper with your friends at lau pa sa.. then after that we went mount faber.. then around 3 ba we reach home le..

24 june 2007

Last night didn sleep reali well.. olso don noe why.. but laogong don misunderstood i never think of the thing le.. your meimei went down to buy breakfast give us eat.. later we going to bring your baby down for a wall.. today my turn to help to do household for your house le.. haha... so fast tonight i need to go home le.. hmmm.. next friday faster come.. coz it will be our one months anniversary.. muackzzz.. laogong no matter wat i won't leave you.. n you olso promise me cannot leave me hao ma... set...