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Friday, June 29, 2007

29 june 2007

Yesterday was thinking of giving laogong wat surprise.. i use candle to form i love you at the middle of the basketball court.. and buy a mini cake with one candle on it.. coz it represent one month anniversary.. he saw it le before i would even finish lighting the candles.. was walking in the rain the whole day think tomorrow sure have flu de.. we went to watch transformer with your friend at lido.. there is two guys seating in front of us.. then they some sort block our view.. hmmm.. we reach home at around 3 plus..

30 june 2007

happy one month anniversary.. you make breakfast for me... although the whole kitchen was so smoky.. but the bread turn out to be nice... you say wan bring me to ikea yet you was sleeping.. hmmm... but luckily when i wake you up you faster sit up.. i was like angry but then i don noe why i will shed tears leh.. we went ikea to search for your room furniture.. we was like a loving couple.. hmmm.. we even went to giant n courts.. haha.. coz don noe where to go le.. we went back to your house to eat dinner.. your parents cook dinner for us.. quite yummy.. we went to bao ping chuan.. we went to see people tiao prawn.. my ankle hurts a lot.. then u piggy back me go back.. my nose very feeling very uncomfortable coz keep on having flu..

01 june 2007

Laogong i noe you like to have a car on your own so that when we go out won so ma fan.. we eat our strawberry cake le.. sorry dear i will save money so that we can faster have our own car ok.. later we going to my colleague jane de birthday at downtown east.. so fast tonight i have to go back le.. although our one month didn reali celebrate but as long can be with you that will be my best present.. hmmm..