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Friday, August 03, 2007

03 aug 2007

another sat have gone.. haiz.. this is the last weekend that you are on standby.. so happy.. today is not my day.. just not my luck.. alot of things happen.. sobz.. i nearly cry when my co say i key in short of 5 cents and ask me to think where does the 300 come.. haiz.. i told u then u was like a bit fierce at me till i shed tears.. when i reach home i straight away cry till you make me laugh.. zhu tou laogong.. next week will be my off days 7,8,11,12 aug my off days.. will ba staying at your house.. can lie on your arms is a very xin fu thing.. muackzzz.. dear when you go brunei i will learn how to take care of myself.. i will try not to let you worry.. i noe sometimes i am very stubborn n you have to bear with me.. sorry laogong.. noe when you reach this, you will say '' silly laopo''.. going to sleep so will end here.. another 2 more days to go.. haiz..

your dearest