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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

18 september2007

today i went interview at ubi area.. as account assistant.. i receive your call i was so happy.. feel heart pain when you told me that you are very tired.. but cannot use phone too long so we just chat for a short while..

20 september 2007

today is just the four day you are in brunei.. when will reach the day that i can see you.. haiz.. i went interview today at tokio marine asia today. i miss ya very much.. i totally lost my smile le.. i don feel happy at all.. i feel sad out of a sudden till i drop tears.. when i receive your call in the afternoon i feel very happy.. but i noe that tomorrow will be the actual day of your jcc.. haix.. i feel so lonely without you by my side.. i can onli see our pic when i miss you..

24 september 2007

today is my first day of work.. feel so weird but after awhile i get use it.. i spray my leg last night but i never say.. it look abit swollen n pain.. but i just bear with it.. olso don noe why out of a sudden i have slight fever.. don feel well.. having giddy.. laogong today just the third day of your survival course.. wonder how are you doing.. must jia you lo.. i have confidence in you.. muackzzz..